Who is your Father?

Jesus said “I AM” when confronted by the high priest (Mark 14:62).

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Matthew 23:9

For those who follow after God the plain and simple truth is that, other than our earthly father (the one the ten commandments mentions to honor (Exodus 20:12) , we are not to call another man Father.

How is it then, that a religion which seeks to glorify God on a worldwide scale, is honoring a simple man…calling him Father?

Does God the Father come down as second best? Is there a secret code that says that God has changed His mind? No not at all!

People in general, are blind when it comes to seeking God. They want a god which they can see, and connect to. They want a physical manifestation of God. So what do they do? They look for a man to lead them, much like they did back in the days of King David.

The problem with this is that God did send them a king to lead them. But it wasn’t supposed to be David. In fact, it was supposed to be Saul. Yes! The same Saul who was tormented constantly by a fit of jealously and I suppose many other demons. Saul, being King, was very jealous of David, because David was looked upon as being more courageous, and more deserving of honor.

Let me get to the point here: all of us want a spiritual leader in our lives. But no mere man deserves that title. We can’t look towards a modern day Peter, we can’t look towards a Paul, and we surely can’t look towards a Mary. These people, people lost to history, were a part of the gospel. Yet you will find that nowhere in the gospel, is anything hardly mentioned about their lives. What is mentioned are the few trials and imprisonment of both Peter and Paul, and the devotion of Mary.

But all three were merely players in the gospel. They all pointed to the lead: that is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Today in the Catholic Religion, these three figures, along with a host of others, are looked to as being divine figures. Many in the Spanish countries throughout the world look to these as being equal, if not more important than Jesus Christ.

Many people pray to these figures of history, as if they were gods themselves. They have made idols out of them, even going so far as to make physical idols out of wood, plastic, and even iron.

Mary, the so called mother of God, had a very lesser role within the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and an even minor role within the history of the beginning church. In fact, all the saints ever did, was point the way to Jesus Christ.
AT NO TIME DID EITHER JESUS, NOR GOD deem that we should revere Mary, nor any of the saints.

These people claim to love the God of the Bible, yet, like so many others, turn around and continually offer so much to these idols. During the earlier part of the month of December, for example, Spanish people hold a feast for Lazarus, calling him a saint. They cook a lavish meal and invite others to their houses to celebrate with them. They light candles and place them around, and at the feet of what sometimes is a massive plastic idol. They cry out to it as if a piece of plastic, or wood, will absolve them of their sins.

What part of Lazarus was ever worthy of benevolence?

Beloved, I ask you to remember that we are only to forgive one another our trespasses as Our Father God, has, and will, forgive ours. (Luke 11:4)

We must look to Jesus Christ as our only gateway to the Father. It is only through the blood of Jesus Christ that we are washed clean.

What would Jesus think if He were to come down and see thousands, millions even, looking towards a mere man as their Savior? Would He not come down on the people He so dearly loved enough to sacrifice His own life? Do Catholics not understand what happened at the foot of Mount Sinai, as Moses was warned, by God, of the actions of the people down below? A people who had given up waiting on God, and proceeded to craft their own idol, which they could freely worship in any fashion?

What is the connection between Moses and Jesus?

Catholics have a variety of religions mixed in with it. Anywhere you go, you will see a Catholic, who claims to love God, involved with other things. Witchcraft, even sorcery to a point. You see, the Pope, whom is the actual head of the Catholic religion, and many of the previous Popes before him, have done what the Mormon religion have also done: they have taken the Word of God, and added to it… So much has been added to the original Bible, that they have done much like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time and have lost the LAW within their pages.
Don’t be fooled, even the Pope himself is under the watchfulness of those within the Roman Catholic Church. One wrong move on his part, and you can rest assured that he does not have the power to stand still. He is still governed over by man!

Did you get that? Do you understand?




Furthermore, while Christianity is itself not parted by bloodshed (the Bible speaks of the martyrs such as John The Baptist, Stephen the Evangelist, and Jesus the Savior), the Roman Catholic Church has a long history of bloodshed in the name of Totalism – DIRECTLY OPPOSITE of what Jesus preached. The Catholic Church early beginning was built upon total domination and proselytism. If you DID NOT agree with, or subject to their rules and regulations, your head was chopped off.

Does this sound familiar? In light of the happenings in the world today, it should!


Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:29.

The Pope himself has no power! While he may forgive those who trespass against him, as we all have been taught to do, he does not have the authority to say who goes to heaven or not. He is a mere man, who does suffer all kinds of illnesses, The Pope may die, but he will not be resurrected. If that were the case, then there would be no need for a replacement/a new pope!

Anyone who claims to worship God, yet keep an ever-watchful eye, ever loving heart, on the pope, is idolizing him. We cannot, in all sincerity, worship a man whom we truly do not know anything about. The pope isn’t capable of listening to your heart. He is not capable of spiritually leading you. He is not a spirit. He doesn’t administer the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic religion has also done something that strictly goes against the Holy Bible…it now affirms homosexuality as being ok. Where is the truth of God’s word in this act? The pope says that he won’t judge them, and that’s fine But he never mentions that the Bible says that the willing homosexual is judged. Perhaps, as God’s ambassador, the pope is too soft. Where does this come from? Satan himself is a deceiver, he will wish-wash anyone to believe his lies.

If you are looking at the Pope as anything more than what he is: a mere “representative” of Jesus Christ…if you idolize him and think he is on equal footing with God, enough that you can get to god through him or any of the saints, then you are truly playing with fire.
Was Jesus pointing to the Pope?
Was Jesus pointing to a man-made religion?
Was Jesus pointing to Peter, Paul and Mary?


Jesus answered, “I AM the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME!”