Going all in sometimes can mean a lot of things…going deeper into your relationship with God, or going deeper into your life with Him.

Sometimes I think that if we chose to go deeper into our life with Him, we have this moment of clarity where we say or think “What did I get myself into!”

As any Christian who has been through the fire will testify this life we choose is not meant to be an easy one, by any stretch. Many make it out to be a blessed life, and it is if we hold on to our faith. But as soon as we say “I will follow the Lord!” then the devil jumps all over us. Sometimes he will scar us so bad, we end up like dogs running away with our tails in between our legs. Often, after such an experience, we may find ourselves coming back to Jesus after a little while because we constantly hear His voice reaching out to us.

But sometimes we will find that we don’t come back. Too many things get in the way: chiefly the influence of friends and family, and the world also.

As Jesus said we will be hated, and persecuted. If we identify with Christ, then we will follow in His footsteps, and those can and usually will lead us where sometimes we do not want to go, or at least it will teach us that Jesus wasn’t the loveable Cool Hippie that many today believe He was.

I have seen some well meaning Christians who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and years later, they have no fruit. They aren’t hated, and they aren’t persecuted! They are like a fruit tree that never matures to the point of having the sweetest of nectar on the tips of their branches.

So while their testimonies are impressive, they aren’t extra-ordinary.

I often wonder if God is looking for the extra-ordinary instead of the ordinary? Or perhaps God takes the ordinary and turns it into the extra-ordinary. I mean, I’ve seen both the dead and living in Christianity. I can’t say too much about the dead, but a living Christian is sold out and on fire…a fire that is never quenched at all.

Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof. .Matthew 13:32

Remember that we are in a battlefield…

A battlefield of the heart.
A battlefield of the mind.
battlefield of the soul.

This year I want to go in deeper into my faith. I want to be that mustard seed!


How about you?


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  1. There is no question in my mind God is looking for the extraordinary because He is an extraordinary God. Small thinking is not His bag. Glad to hear you are choosing to go deeper Ed. I’d sure like to help with that.

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